Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what is it make us so hard to talk to each other and how to breakdown the emotion wall

Conversation is act of spoken exchange of news or ideas between two or more parties. To make conversation possible, it is essential for all parties to willing to talk and share their thought to each other. Successful conversation involves interaction between sides that ready to hear and ready to share. In the short story ‘A Thousand Years of Good Prayers’, conversation between Mr Shi and his daughter Yilan, failed to build up due to Yilan refused to talked and share her problem with her father. Their one way conversation prolong until both of them start to admit and clarify their darkest secrets. Since then, their conversion becomes easier. Hence, it shows that, what makes it so hard to talk to each other is the reluctant of sharing information between the speakers.

On the other hand, background different between individuals becomes barrier for people to talk to each other. Barriers in aspect of age, race, religion, nationality and occupation contributed to it. In everyday life, we usually find it hard to talk to someone that is not in the same boat with us. For example, it is easier to talk to our peers rather than to talk to people who are older or younger than us. This is due to; we are not sharing the common interests between each other. Teenagers mostly talk about things that related to them for instance like music, school and friends. While for the adults, their conversations revolve around their work, family and responsibility. This show significant difference for both parties interests that result both sides difficult to communicate between them. In the short story, Mr Shi and Yilan do not share the same interest. Mr Shi, which is much older, procommunist and still firmly sticks with the Chinese culture, contradicts with Yilan who is more toward the western culture. Differences in their views in certain issues create an invisible wall that makes them hard to understand each other.

In addition, language also makes people hard to communicate. Not everyone in this world share the same language as us. Although, English is the lingua franca nowadays, but differences in accents and the way people talk still somehow makes it not similar for everyone. Language is vital in communication. It becomes medium to express ideas and information. Fail to understand language lead to misunderstanding that end up the conversation. In the story, due to lack of English proficiency, Mr Shi sometimes fail to deliver his massage especially during his conversation with the Iranian lady until he need to used alternative of facial expression and body language to clarify everything. This sometimes occurs in our life. For instance, when we are talking to foreigner that do not or on speak little English, we find it hard to talk to them. Thus, it is important to master the language to makes our conversation easier.

All in all, conversation requires willingness for both parties to share information and neglect any background differences between them in order to achieve successful conversation. Language should become medium to makes conversation easier not a barrier and hence mastering language is essential before conversation can take place.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

my new housemate

It have been a few weeks, I notice that, there is something wrong with my house (bu16). A couple of weird incidents had happen to me. So I’m thinking of maybe my house got a new housemate.

It started last week, after a tiring walk from Mr. Derrick class, I arrived home. As usual, my throat will scream thirsty, so I went to the kitchen and grab a bottle full of cold bloody coke from the refrigerator. The kitchen was quite dark on that time. It almost 6.30pm, I’m alone there. My peers were busying watching the TV. So I talk to myself ‘I can’t see anything here, maybe I should switch on the light’. But, with sudden, the light turns on itself. I stunned. Holding a glass of coke in my hand; I walk numbly out of the kitchen. I asked my peers do any one of them switch on the light. But their answers were no. so the question is now ‘who switch on the light?’

Secondly, this thing just happens a few minutes before I started writing this. It was 12.48am. I’m in my room with two of my roommates. But aqil was not there. To begin the story, pdah asked me “where’s aqil?” (We used to speak English at home)

I said “maybe he is in the bathroom, because I heard someone coughing in there."

But there is no one here” he replied.

Are you sure?

Yes,” pdah open the bathroom door, and no one there.

But just now, I heard…..” I stared at him.

I’m completely out of my mind. What have I heard just now? It’s a real thing? Or I’m just dreaming….. So the conclusion is?

Ok. I want to look this thing in the logical way. I’m in the middle of Bandar utama. Inside in housing area fort called BU6. So rationally, it rather strange to has an uninvited housemate here. But, after I consider a few factors, I had to pin point that there is a possibility to have them here.

1. They are everywhere. Maybe they are just next to you or right behind you. We can’t see them but we can feel them. My ustaz told me that, if you just with sudden thinking of them, for example if you were alone and suddenly you’re started to think that there is something watching you, it’s mean they were there.

2. It depends on the condition of your house. I know it quite illogical, but if you house is untidy and dirty, they are mostly like to hop in. I can’t remember where I got this fact. In my situation, it seem like a connection to it. My kitchen was not so clean and maybe because of that, I got a new housemate.

3. Maybe I’m to kampong minded, who easily influence with superstitious. And I don’t peel thing layer by layers. As a science student I must see this incident in a scientific way. Light switch on itself may because by electrical conductivity in air. Where free mobile ions in air started to depolarize and conduct electricity. (merepek) or for the coughing incident, where air pressure is too compress due to unbalance air flow in my room that cause the constructive interference to occur (loud sound produced).(also merepek)

4. I’m just guessing, a few days before the light incident, at kbu car park near the chemistry lab, my classmate used to make joke about the rumor of people sporting an unusual thing there. So maybe they had said something unpleasant and the consequences is that, maybe that thing follows them up to my house. I don’t want to make any comment of it.

In conclusion, I have no conclusion. So it depends on your interpretation in this matter whether it is true or not.

(I feel strange when writing this)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

bowling for kbu

After a long and intense discussion about a documentary so called bowling for columbine, suddenly my head popped an idea. It is possible to have such massacre in Malaysia? It has been a few days I’m thinking about this. Just a few shots and people will remember your name for ever. (Just an imagination) you will be famous in split second. But there are few things the keep buffering me.

Firstly, where can you get a gun in Malaysia?

I have surfing the net for while searching if there is any illegal firearm that can be bought online. But my result concludes that it is quite impossible to buy or import any gun or rifle unless you have lot of cash or you have a gun permit. Money is not a hitch; you just might need to loan money from the bank or just work hard for few years before you can posses a gun (illegal one). Where to get it? Southern Thailand was renowned for its bloody conflicts; a few bloggers recommended to me that most of criminals in Malaysia got their firearm supply from there. So, just go there and buy it. (Not promoting) if you want to posses it in the formal way, it is really hard. First thing, as I just point out before you must have lot of money or become a Dato’ or Tan Sri, so when you were ask by the JPN people why you wish for the permit, you will have an excuse that you wanted it to guard your properties and family. And I’m sure that you will get it soon. Secondly, you just join PDRM or ATM. Hence when you retire you can get the permit without difficulty. For ordinary people, there is only one reason that you can have it. Whether you enter a shooting club or you get involve in hunting activity. In short, if you are thinking to shoot somebody this weekend, just forget it. You might need to delay it to another 20 or 30 years. Not worth it.

Secondly, who are your targets?

This is another problem. But I’m not going to elaborate more about it. Afraid that maybe someone took my advice and uses it to shoots other people. Later on police will come and arrest me for promoting violent and put me under ISA.

Lastly, what would you do after you shoot people?

Now you only got two choices. Firstly, shoot yourself. This is only a short term effect. Just bear the pain for a while and that it. But you need to remember that, hell is waiting for you. So take your decision wisely. Secondly, surrender to the police. They will not harm you if you cooperate with them. However, at the end you will be hung to death. But the benefit is, at least you still have time to seek forgiveness from your god. Whether heaven or hell it is in His hand. So think first before you act.

My purpose of writing this is not to promote violent or killing, but I just want to stress that it is hard to get gun in Malaysia and think first before you act. 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sleeping dictionary for english???

It was last Friday, after the Friday prayer; one of my housemate asked me “do you want to see Jessica Alba in action?”

“Jessica alba? In action?? What did you mean?” Innocently I replied.

“You should watch this” he handed me Aqil external hardisk. “Copy this movie, this is the uncensored version and enjoy youself” he smiled and walked away.

With full curiosity and innocently, I played the movie. It starts by showing an Englishman arrived in a native port somewhere in the middle of jungle in Sarawak. I dazzled. What is the significant of dictionary and Iban?? I don’t understand? But as the story goes on….

Ooooo….(an expression)

Sleeping dictionary refer to a native girl that sleep with an English officer in order to teach him the native language. And in this movie, Jessica Alba is the sleeping dictionary. Wow!!!

Just by covering half of her breast until her upper thigh with only a single ‘sarong’, omg she is so sexy. I can’t take my eyes off her.

But there is a scene that I really irritated the most, that is when Salima (Jessica Alba) make love with Tuscot (hero of the movie). This is what my housemate means by ‘Jessica alba in action’. I don’t know how to describe it. But I can conclude that it is more like watching porno than a movie. I understand the purpose of the director putting this scene. Maybe he wants to show that the native girl is not only good teaching in language but also good in bed. Moderate is enough, but not too much.

Basically it is kind of a typical forbidden love. Tuscot may have all the excitement every night, but he can’t marry Salima. This had become the main problem. Because they were truly in love, Tuscot blindly decided to marry her. But it was objected by the governor and also the tribe. So with frustration he went back to England. A year later he married the governor’s daughter and go back to Sarawak. And the stories of forbidden love start again…

The cinematography was just fine. Background of Sarawak rainforest is very attractive beside Jessica Alba. Trees, wild life, and the tribe have successful create the true experiences of Sarawak in 1930s. However this movie is lack of effective background music. Some important scenes were not supported with the exact sound. It really spoils.

Overall, I found that it is quite an interesting movie. Splendid background and attractive actress become the strength of this movie for me. Honestly it is much better than ‘the Japanese story’.

*I wish I can have a sleeping dictionary for English*

Sunday, February 1, 2009


First of all, I would like to apologies that I can’t post my blog last week. I have prepared it already, but… something happen to my lap top. I can’t open it. I don’t know why? So as a concern Malaysian, I took it for further check up. Sadly, my beloved lap top was positively infected by virus.. huh.. I had to reboot it. And that cost me RM80. But my memories with it are far more costly than that. My songs, my pictures, my games, Arghhh!!!! Everything lost….

We leave it aside…

This week I went back to my hometown. Small crowded historic city, packed with vast diversity types of cultures and people living in the same concrete jungle called Georgetown. My life in Penang I assumed that, it is a quite boring one. Playing games from sun rise to sunset, watching movies alone, eat, sleep…. Aaaah.. nothing is interesting.

But somehow there is a thing that I can’t resist form. That is Penang foods. I had estimated that the amount of what I eat for 3 days in Penang is equal to the amount of a week in kbu. My diet start with an irresistible nasi kandar in the morning, mee mamak for lunch, laksa penang in the evening, pasar malam foods for dinner and lastly my favorite char koay teaw for supper. Pergh… that for 3 days. If for a month, I can’t imagine how I’m gonna look like…

That one thing, but I am more concern about my homework. I don’t know why I can’t do my homework at home. Maybe there is lot of distraction or maybe I can blame the environment that did not encourage me to do my homework? But both are just accuses. The major thing is laziness. Holiday is for holiday. You need time for yourself and for your family. So why should you sacrifice the precious time for homework. Utilize it efficiently. You need to plan your time well. Every decision that you take to do your homework can change your life in the future. Lot of factor to be considers. Environment, motivation, style, position and energy level are the things that you need to think of. It’s like managing a football team in fifa manager 08. So use your time wisely and enjoy doing your homework…. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Boy,, Boycott... kot(maybe)???

Boy oh boy…

It was 3.30 pm when I started to write this thing. Honestly I don’t know what I am going to write. Ok.. This is just my view. Please don’t condemn me afterward…

This week started with a slow pace for me. Everything goes the same like last week. The same class, the same people, the same lectures, the same collage… arghhh all is the same (boring). There is nothing interesting happen this week. Except for the last Friday. The living dead started to crawled out from their grave (referring to my classmate). Thank to my dear Mr. Derrick who introduced such a selfish game called ‘guess who the character is?’(I name it myself). An unlucky person will sit in front of the class and the rest will give a very selfish clues for him to guess… and I am the unlucky one… The character is Mr. Coombes. First clue… helpful.. ‘what??’ Second clue… I can’t remember (but my reaction also ‘what??’) .. Third clue.. 1930...’what the f***’(sorry Nad I don’t mean too). The fourth and fifth, I also can’t remember.. Nothing passes through my mind. None were helpful. You all are very selfish. Huh…

I was punished to stand in front of the class. Luckily came athira, aizat, calvin, hafizah and hui ying to accompany me. Hahahaha… The more the merrier. To cut it short. We have to make a role play. The scene is ‘goat tobacco’. And I had to become the goat(no more character left). I don’t want to give any further detail on this. I have no idea what I am doing there. It quite embarrassing actually. But thing had become history. So just forget it.


It was few days ago, I got few massages form few of my friends. The contents were the same. Boycott Israeli products. Don’t eat mcd, don’t eat kfc, say no to starbuck, don’t drink coke, don’t watch Israeli movie and many more no and don’t. But the thing is, it all related to me. I can’t life without them. But does it worth just because I can’t life without them, so I will let many more Palestinians to lose their life? If we put aside on religious matter, the impact of boycotting doesn’t mean anything. They (Israel) will not be affected; there are still millions of consumers that use their products. So, what is the purpose of boycotting all those things?

In the name of humanity, we need to do something about it. We can’t fight them with gun. Our voices are not loud enough to frighten them. So what we can do is just boycott their product. Don’t use them. Although, it doesn’t really work. But at least we know that money that we spend are not being use to buy bullets or rockets to kill innocent women and children.

Say no to Israel’s products!!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

first post of the year...

this is my first post in English. if there is any mistake, please correct me. i will try to improve my english in my next post.... hopefully.....

Study… work… and play…..

To be honest, I actually did not have a permanent way of study. Emotion, motivation and environment play important roles toward them. Firstly, place to study did not bother me a lot. It can be anywhere, but I am more preferred to study in the living hall, with tv watching me and my mp3 buzzing into my ears. I found it really effective. Music stimulates my brain to consume the information effectively and the tv, I treat it as my refreshment to keep me in track with my study. The climax time to study or read for me is at night, after finished my dinner and a long bath session. I really appreciate that shot period time of my 24 hours.

As an average, I usually spend about 20 minutes of nonstop study without break. Actually it all depends on topic that I read. If it really a long one, I will cut it short into a few breaks. One thing really bothers me a lot is, when someone or a group discussing topics that I have not cover yet. Discussion may seem a good way to study, but for me, if look like a sarcastic way to tell that I am the slowest person in the world. Knowing nothing and produce nothing.

When it comes to assignment, the same situations occur. It is a matter of strategy and date line. If the date line is just around the corner, I might be able to finish up to 3 assignments in one evening. Depending on motivation and body limit capability to do lot of things in one time. Lastly, an appreciation worth more than a mountain of gold. Just a short ‘well done’ is enough for me. It will keep permanently in my memory and endure me to do more batter in the future.

Free time activity…

Many people argued that art of paper folding (origami) is just for kids and women. It sound strange to have a man than loves origami, but in reality man are dominating this world. I started to fall in loves with this kind of art last year. It was, went I accidentally spotted a picture of a beautiful pink paper roses in a magazine. Those roses really bring a big impact to me. I started to think implicitly about the meaning of the art itself. A piece of paper can create a thousand things. Paper represented an art for everyone. It does not require a special skill to master it. But it only matter of interpretation, creativity and determination.

I usually spend about a few hours on this activity. It give me the sense of satisfaction went I was able to complete the origami. But things sometimes backfired. It really frustrating, after few attempts and you got mess up in the middle part of the diagram, it feels like you want to throw all away aside. So I hope, I can take origami into one step higher than before, and become one of the origami master in the future.